About Me

30 years ago, I took the first photo on my sister’s Beirette and exposed 24 images on the film,  just to see them appear on a paper few weeks later. She was not happy. Amazing, I thought. And I never looked back at the world the same way.

Today I use camera on a nearly-daily basis, producing commercial and product images, or train staff to photograph and process images for their products. I still enjoy photographing weddings, engagements and portraits in my spare time, but I would always carry a camera with me when visiting new places, whether it is a town or a natural spot. These are my favourite photos and I return to them often.

I have a good understanding of photographic principles which have been collected and explored over many years. I learned a lot from books, my dad, my friends and some distant professionals; but mainly by experimenting, trying, testing, observing, failing and making mistakes. Visiting Chicago with a dead battery in the camera – heartbreaking. Early morning trek to the mountains to get that special view on sunrise – amazing.

Photography, is a pure pleasure.

Apart from looking through the lens, I am a marketing professional with creative duties, who loves cooking with his other half and exploring new foods. I love learning about history and play a guitar in private. I love visiting and exploring new places and I am a father to the cutest one year old baby girl, who is the greatest challenge to photograph.

Hi, my name is Vlast. It would be my pleasure to be your photography guide.

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