One to one photography courses for beginners in Sussex

Did you, like me, found photography to be fascinating, intriguing and extremely satisfying? Do you want to make the next step in mastering your camera and understand the subject? This one-to-one photography course is for you.

A picture, painted by light …

Whether you own a film camera or a digital SLR, after a time, the use of automatic mode will get old and unsatisfying. You would want to turn the dial on your camera to explore manual or semi-automatic modes. You would want to understand the different controls and settings. To know how to adjust for different situations and lighting conditions. Getting familiar with the principles of photography and knowing how to apply them would help you see the world around you in a new way and open up a huge spectrum of possibilities. PhotoFoundry photography course will help you gain those needed skills and get your questions answered in a real time, face to face..

My courses are tailored to your specific wants and each training session would last about half a day, 4 to 5 hours at your own comfortable pace. *Always at an interesting location with a visit to a local cafe afterwards to talk more about photography, the topics we explored and to review the images from the day (*except for the Lightroom and Photoshop trainings as these would require to use a computer).

Are you ready to make the next step in mastering photography?


Before you take off with your camera
Learned from my own mistakes and experiences, this checklist aims to help you to get ready for any photography session.
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Shoot in RAW & make every pixel count
I remember the days when the cost of few Gigs on a memory card was almost matching the cost of
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A small selection of my photographs in different genres